The FIRST ever lgbtq+ pride in the rhondda!

Public Apology

 Rhondda Pride Public Apology

The organisers of Rhondda Pride would like to apologise to the LGBTQ+ community unreservedly for our treatment of certain parts of our community. We would like to point out that it was one of our organisers and not South Wales Police who stipulated that non family friendly factions would not be allowed to attend the event. The organiser in question has since apologised to the Leathermen Cymru for their ignorance. We have invited the Leathermen to attend the event in a family friendly way with our support. We have reached out to them to educate ourselves on what the Leathermen truly stand for and not our misconceptions born out of ignorance.

We have spoke with and apologised to South Wales Police for any incorrect wording in our late night email. We are currently in the process of discussing the future of this event. Please bear with us. If this event goes ahead it will be a small event for 500 people and we welcome everyone. Just please be aware that families and under 16s will hopefully be attending. Once again we sincerely apologise and hope the community can find it within themselves to forgive us.

Warm Regards

Rhondda Pride. 

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